4 Wheel Adapters 5x4.5 To 5x5 2" Adapts Jeep Jk Wheels


Product Specifications:

Spacer Type: Adapters
Thread Pitch: 1/2" X 20
Spacer Thickness: 2"
Part Number: NA
Lug Bolt Finish: Triple Plated Chrome
Bolt Pattern: 5X4.5 TO 5X5
Center Bore: 71.5 mm


All Adapters Must be Professionally Installed Using the Installation Instructions Provided in the Listing AND the Re-Torquing Schedule Must be Followed as Described Below.




  1. Adapter/spacer bolt pattern (PCD) MUST = Vehicle bolt pattern (PCD)
  2. Adapter/spacer hub bore MUST be = or > Vehicle hub bore
  • If > we recommend the use of hub eccentric rings
  • If < it will not fit
  1. Adapter/spacer thread pitch must be EQUAL to the vehicles thread pitch
  • If thread pitch is different you will need to purchase all New hardware and this will void the warranty.



  1. Professional installation is highly recommended
  2. Fender clearance: measure your wheel gap for clearance. At minimum you will need to have the same amount of clearance as the thickness of the adapter to prevent the wheel/tire from interfering with the body of the vehicle.
  3. Ensure that the hub is clean and rust free prior to test fitting or installing the adapter/spacer to the hub.
  4. Ensure that the adapter/spacer fits correctly on both the hub and the inside mounting surface of the wheel. Make_certain there is no interference whatsoever.
  5. Ensure the wheel bolts are long enough to allow the adapter/spacer lug nuts to be correctly installed but not too long as to cause interference with the inside of the wheel.
  6. In the case of a 2 piece adapter wheels studs must not be too long as to interfere with installation of the second piece of the adapter
  7. STOP installation and remove adapters/spacers if there is any interference or issue with fitment.
  8. DO NOT USE an impact wrench when installing the adapters/spacers or the wheels.
  9. Ensure that both the spacer lug nuts and wheel lug nuts are installed and torqued to manufacturers specifications (this can be found in the owners manual of the vehicle) and should not exceed 110ft lbs of torque.
  10. After 25-50 miles of driving the wheels must be removed and all adapters/spacers re-torqued to manufacturers specifications. Then reinstall wheels and retorque them to manufacturers specifications as well.
  11. Repeat step 7 every 3,000-5,000 miles.
  12. An alignment is recommended after installation.

Product Details:

✔ Compatible - All of our wheel / rims come compatible with many makes and models, and come compatible with your OEM (factory) equipment. 

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Why us:

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Shipping and Warranty Information

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping anywhere in the continental United States.



1-Year Standard Wheel Warranty


Secure Packaging

We use high quality boxes and tight packing to ensure undamaged delivery.

Important Note Regarding Tire Size Fitment

Are you asking yourself: "Will this rim fit my tire?"

That's a great question. An easy way to answer this is by looking at your tire and finding the letter "R". For example:

R14 = 14" Tire (fits a 14" rim)

✔  R15 = 15" Tire (fits a 15" rim)

✔ R16 = 16" Tire (fits a 16" rim)

✔ R17 = 17" Tire (fits a 17" rim)

✔  R18 = 18" Tire (fits a 18" rim)

R19 = 19" Tire (fits a 19" rim)

✔ R20 = 20" Tire (fits a 20" rim)