About Us

Wheel Buying Made Simple.

Established in 2018, First Class Wheels strives to provide customers with the highest quality steel and aluminum rims in the marketplace. Our customer centric focus empowers us to develop strategic partnerships with leading global and domestic suppliers, ensuring our customers get the best product for the best price. Our eCommerce expertise combined with leveraging our partners existing systems and supply chain networks allows us to deliver the product you need at ultra low cost, and at super high speed. Buying rims or parts for your car should not be a difficult or time consuming task. Make it a simple one at FCW. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Provide value to our customers, and provide value to our business partners. One of the driving forces that led us to starting First Class Wheels LLC was due to too many consumers getting taken advantage of when it comes to buying quality rims and wheel accessories. There also tends to be a lack of visibility to buying car parts leading to confusion and the consumer not getting what they truly need. We wanted to create a platform where any consumer, car-savvy or not, can navigate and find the right product they need. There are a lot of car parts out there. And there are many great Businesses out there selling these great, high quality car parts but with little to no visibility to the consumer. That's where we come in. We find and partner with small to large businesses that offer great products and provide value to their customers. We create additional, extremely effective sales channels for these businesses, getting more of their products out to the consumer, and helping them increase their own bottom line. 


Meet The Founders

First Class Wheels LLC is owned and operated by Zach McClughen and Jake Patterson. Jake and Zach have a passion for solving problems, developing strong relationships in the automotive community, and leveraging technology to bring value to consumers and other businesses.  

"We're a very small company, but one with very large reach and high ambitions. Our number one focus has always been to create value for our customers and business partners, and it's been fun to see that through." 

-Jake Patterson - Owner - Director of Sales and Customer Service

"At First Class Wheels we want to create an easy, first class buying experience for every consumer that shops with us. Not only that, we want to create value for other businesses in the automotive industry. We're not in this for ourselves. Greater value is provided to the consumer through developing strong partnerships with reputable businesses, and ensuring their products are visible to the consumer as well, even if that means sharing a piece of the pie."

-Zach McClughen - Owner - Director of Business Development